Conann | Bertrand Mandico | FR/BE/LU 2023 | 105 Min | DCP

The title already suggests that this surreal, phantasmagorical soundstage movie is not an adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s iconic barbarian novels. Rather, Bertrand Mandico sends his female, queer Conann, played by several actors, through various otherworlds built on glitter and gore, grouped around subjects like self-empowerment and cruelty, and moderated by a humanlike hound named Rainer. Conann is a cabinet of wonders, an introduction to Mandico’s fantasy realm that enchants, surprises, baffles, and thrills. (mk)

Bertrand Mandico
Mandico, Bertrand graduated from CFT Gobelins in Paris and holds a diploma in animation film. He outlined his filmmaking objectives in the Incoherence Manifesto, which he authored together with Katrin Ólafsdóttir. Constantly reinterpreting genres already as a director of short films, his cinematic debut was the gem The Wild Boys (SLASH ½ 2018), which was followed by After Blue (SLASH 2021) and Conann. All of his features to date have starred Elina Löwensohn. Together with her, he is also working on 20+1 Projections, a project that is set to consist of 21 short films over 21 years.
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Language OmeU
Cast Elina Löwensohn, Christa Théret, Julia Riedler, Claire Duburcq, Sandra Parfait, Agata Buzek, Nathalie Richard, Françoise Brion
Writer Bertrand Mandico
Editing Laure Saint-Marc
Cinematography Nicolas Eveilleau