Tarantula | Jack Arnold | US 1955 | 80 Min | DCP

© Park Circus/Universal

Part of Long Night of Spiders

To be able to counter the looming food crisis due to a rapidly growing world population, a scientist thinks outside the box and develops a rapid-growth serum. A fire in the lab ends his experiment, but one spider escapes and evolves into a colossal behemoth. For his big-bug classic, director Jack Arnold puts all his eggs, as it were, in a delightful basket of time-honored sci-fi tropes and the primal terror of the titular tarantula, which stomps through the expanse of the Arizona desert via masterful special effects. (mk)

Jack Arnold
Arnold, Jack (1916–1992) is cherished to this day as the director of several genre classics. His star rose in the 1950s, when he joined Universal Studios and made the iconic It Came from Outer Space, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tarantula, and The Incredible Shrinking Man in quick succession. Abandoning sci-fi, he made the comedic classic The Mouse That Roared in 1959 and increasingly turned toward TV. Later on, the 1970s saw him making the occasional blaxploitation (Boss Nigger) or sexploitation film.
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Language eOV
Cast John Agar, Mara Corday, Leo G. Carroll
Writer Robert M. Fresco, Martin Berkeley
Editing William M. Morgan
Cinematography George Robinson


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