La Piedad

La Pietà | Eduardo Casanova | ES/AR 2022 | 80 Min | DCP

Supermother Libertad and her son Mateo are trapped in a pathological state of codependency. When the young man is diagnosed with a brain tumor, Libertad’s contaminated world is set to come out of joint. Maverick Spanish director Eduardo Casanova pairs these heightened vignettes of a perverted mother-and-son relationship—often verging on the vulgar and brutal—with the story of a North Korean family that has remained loyal to the regime. LA PIEDAD, produced by Spanish genre-cinema icon Álex de la Iglesia, is a provocative set-piece extravaganza presented in explosions of old rose and marble.

Language OmeU
Cast Manel Llunell, Ángela Molina, Macarena Gómez
Writer Eduardo Casanova
Editing Ángel Pazos
Cinematography Luis Ángel Pérez


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