Lockdown Tower

La Tour | Guillaume Nicloux | FR 2022 | 89 Min | DCP

A high-rise is enveloped in a thick fog trapping the tenants inside. It doesn’t take long until the gloves come off and the thin skin of civilization is shed. There’s looting and stockpiling, trading and bargaining. Groups are formed; gangs control parts of the building. And that is only the beginning of Guillaume Nicloux’s nightmare steeped in shades of brown. The film turns out to be less of a horror flick than an upsetting, hopeless, misanthropy-heavy piece advancing its theses about the current state of society. Rarely have we taken more delight in a ray of sunlight than after this endless night.

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Language OmeU
Cast Angèle Mac, HATIK, Ahmed Abdel-Laoui
Writer Guillaume Nicloux
Editing Guy Lecome
Cinematography Christophe Offenstein


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