Best Wishes to All

Mina ni sachi are | Yûta Shimotsu | JP 2023 | 89 Min | DCP

A nurse in training visits her grandparents in rural Japan. But the idyllic landscape, infused with apparent bliss and carried by the steady sound of crickets, soon starts to show cracks. Grandma and grandpa’s behavior is bizarre, and the young woman starts to sense that there’s an eerie secret slumbering in the old house. Produced by Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge), Best Wishes to All is a breathtaking, unfathomable commentary on the aging Japanese society and young people’s urban migration, devised as a social-horror piece with dark humor and an even darker outlook. (mk)

Yûta Shimotsu
Shimotsu, Yûta was born in 1990 in Kitakyushu, Japan. Creating TV commercials since college, he has won several prizes for his advertising and short film work. Best Wishes to All is his cinematic debut.
Language OmeU
Cast Kotone Furukawa, Koya Matsudai
Writer Rumi Kakuta