The Devil Queen

A Rainha Diaba | Antonio Carlos da Fontoura | BR 1974 | 100 Min | DCP

A sparkling gem of 1970s Brazilian cinema has arrived in Austria for the first time. The Devil Queen takes us to the teeming underbelly of Rio de Janeiro, where an equally affectionate, patronizing and unscrupulous devil queen (a marvelous Milton Gonçalves) pulls all the strings in her drug cartel. But intrigue is sprouting in the empire, and “diaba” gathers her gang of drag queens and queer allies to nip the betrayal in the bud. Antonio Carlos da Fontoura directs this classic—unknown in our neck of the woods—in which legs are shaved and throats are slit with one and the same razor blade. A shrill antithesis to the stereotypical gangster-boss epic. (me)

Antonio Carlos da Fontoura
da Fontoura, Antonio Carlos is a Brazilian filmmaker who, since 1965, has made twelve documentaries about the artistic scene and eight feature films, including The Devil Queen (1974), The Golden Necklace (1976), and The Game Boys (2005). He has written and directed television series, is the author of two stage plays and a literary novel, and has taught screenwriting in laboratories and at university.
Language OmeU
Cast Milton Gonçalves, Stepan Nercessian, Odete Lara
Writer Antonio Carlos da Fontoura
Editing Rafael Valverde
Cinematography José Medeiros