Killing Romance

Killing Romance | Won-suk Lee | KR 2023 | 106 Min | DCP

Self-empowerment, torque edition! Yeo-rae was a megastar until she met real estate developer and egomaniac Jonathan, who entranced her with his charm, married her, and now keeps her as his trophy wife who is not allowed to do anything but smile. No set of ostrich leather handbags could ever help her get over that fact. So, she comes to the difficult conclusion that . . . well, her hubby must die. Even though—or perhaps because—she’s found a willing minion in her superfan Beom-woo, the execution of her plan is off to a bumpy start. A wild, beautifully artificial modern fairy tale that lacks neither villain tropes nor musical numbers. It’s good! (tt)

Won-suk Lee
Lee, Won-suk is a South Korean film director born in 1974. His debut feature How to Use Guys with Secret Tips (2013) already won him the audience award at the Fantasia International Film Festival. He followed it up with a period drama, The Royal Tailor (2014). Since its release, his latest film, the fanciful Killing Romance, has gained a cult following in its home country.
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Language OmeU
Cast Ha-nee Lee, Sun-kyun Lee, Myoung Gong
Writer Jung-yae Park
Editing Ji-eun Jung
Cinematography Min-woo Kang