Possessor | Brandon Cronenberg | CA/GB 2020 | 103 Min | DCP

Tasya Vos is an elite agent for a shady enterprise. Thanks to a brain implant she—or rather, her consciousness—slips into the bodies of others to commit contract killings. Each hit, however, leaves large scars in her psyche, and Tasya has an increasingly harder time finding back to her own identity. And then she suddenly gets “caught” in a different body—with fatal consequences. Possessor marks Brandon Cronenberg’s definitive emancipation from the work of his famous father. Here he offers a radical sci-fi thriller—a disturbing piece of cinema with philosophical underpinnings. (mk)

In attendance of Brandon Cronenberg (director) & Karim Hussain (cinematographer)

Brandon Cronenberg
Cronenberg, Brandon hails from Toronto, Canada, and has long established himself as one of the inventive minds of genre cinema. Born in 1980, he studied film at Rutgers and debuted with the sci-fi thriller Antiviral (SLASH 2013), which was screened in Cannes. The body horror Possessor (SLASH ½ 2021), his sophomore effort, was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival, which also premiered his latest feature, Infinity Pool (SLASH ½ 2023)
Language eOV
Cast Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sean Bean, Rossif Sutherland
Writer Brandon Cronenberg
Editing Matthew Hannam
Cinematography Karim Hussain