The Devil’s Sword

Golok Setan | Ratno Timoer | ID 1984 | 97 Min | DCP
Night of the 1000 knives

Part of Night of the 1000 Knives

Admittedly, this uber-classic of Indonesian action cinema is not thoroughbred animal horror. But it does have a crocodile queen striking terror in people’s hearts as she sends her minions on a mission to find the titular sword, forged from meteorites. And our hero Mandala makes a stand against them. The Devil’s Sword is a straight-up insane action vehicle for its star Barry Prima, rendered as an Olympiad of absurd ideas, from laser duels to cyclopes and dudes in croc costumes. Take your eyeballs for a spin in this joyous, exhausting, enchanting ride! (mk)

Ratno Timoer
Timoer, Ratno (1942–2002) was an Indonesian actor and filmmaker. One of his early directorial successes was the supernatural Kuntilanak (1974). Many consider The Devil’s Sword to be his best film, but he is also known for the martial-arts flick The Blind from the Ghost Cave, the sequels to which he directed and starred in.
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Language OmeU
Cast Barry Prima, Gudhy Sintara, Advent Bangun
Writer Imam Tantowi
Editing E. Muksin Hamzah
Cinematography Herman Susilo


Night of the 1000 knives
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