Raging Grace

Raging Grace | Paris Zarcilla | GB 2023 | 99 Min | DCP

Joy, an undocumented Filipina immigrant, must make ends meet with odd housekeeping jobs in London. By accident, she lands a job as a care worker at the residence of the bedridden, cancer-riddled Mr. Garrett. Joy moves into the huge, dusty mansion with her little daughter Grace but soon realizes that there are many dark secrets lurking behind those doors. A jury-prize winner at SXSW, Raging Grace is a whip-smart, sociopolitical horror thriller, conceived as a haunted house with many trap doors. (mk)

Paris Zarcilla
Zarcilla, Paris is a British-born Filipino director who aims to create meaningful, profound, genre-bending stories. He was a shadow director on season one of BBC’s His Dark Materials and wrote and directed the TV drama The Century Egg. His debut film, Raging Grace premiered at the 2023 SXSW. It is supposed to be part one in a Rage Trilogy, the second of which is going to be titled Domestic.
Language eOV
Cast Max Eigenmann, Jaeden Paige Boadilla, Leanne Best, David Hayman
Writer Paris Zarcilla
Editing Christopher C.F. Chow
Cinematography Joel Honeywell