The Vourdalak

Le Vourdalak | Adrien Beau | FR 2023 | 90 Min | DCP

On one of his journeys, the well-powdered French diplomat Marquis d’Urfé finds himself at the doorstep of a Moldovan family, whose patriarch has set out to keep the Turks from encroaching on their land. Old Gorcha had ordered his three children not to open the door for anyone should he not return in six days. For then, he would no longer be their father, but a Vourdalak. Based on Lev’s cousin Aleksey Tolstoy’s horror story, Adrien Beau’s super-16mm creep fest is an anachronistic gem in which the titular vampiric creature is played by a marionette (!). (mk)

Adrien Beau
Beau, Adrien is a visual artist and filmmaker who actually began his professional life as a designer for John Galliano and Christian Dior. A graduate in Performing Arts, the Frenchman also briefly worked as a theater director and made two short horror films, La petite sirène (2009) and Les condiments irréguliers (2011). The Vourdalak, his debut feature, premiered this September at the Venice International Film Festival.
Language OmeU
Cast Kacey Mottet Klein, Ariane Labed, Grégoire Colin, Vassili Schneider, Claire Duburcq
Writer Hadrien Bouvier, Adrien Beau
Editing Alan Jobart
Cinematography David Chizallet