Farang | Xavier Gens | FR 2023 | 99 Min | DCP

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Farang is what Thais call Westerners living in their country. Former pro boxer Sam is one of them. To shake off his criminal past, he has fled to Thailand, where he dreams of opening a karaoke bar under palm trees. To make it come true, he agrees to one last caper. Of course, it all goes sideways. Sam’s wife and daughter are kidnapped, and he only wants one thing: vengeance. A feisty, straightforward actioner realized with both nonchalance and vigor by genre toiler Xavier Gens, Farang culminates in a series of breakneck, brilliantly choreographed fight sequences. Wow! (mk)

Xavier Gens
Gens, Xavier is a prolific French genre filmmaker. Supported by Luc Besson, he started his directing career with the cult fave Frontier(s) and Hitman, the movie version of the eponymous video game. Following the apocalyptic thriller The Divide, he established himself as a director for television for series like Gangs of London but continued to make big screen fare like the mystery horror The Crucifixion. Farang now sees him back in force.
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Language OmeU
Cast Nassim Lyes, Loryn Nounay, Olivier Gourmet
Writer Xavier Gens, Magali Rossitto
Editing Riwanon Le Beller
Cinematography Gilles Porte