The Sacrifice Game

The Sacrifice Game | Jenn Wexler | US 2023 | 98 Min | DCP
Night of the 1000 knives

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Part of Night of the 1000 Knives

Two days before Christmas, 1971. While the Manson-like “Christmas Killers” paint the walls of American homes with blood, Samantha learns that she is left behind in the Blackvale boarding school. She is joined by Clara, her lone she-wolf fellow student giving off strong Wednesday Addams vibes, as well as the young teacher Rose and her boyfriend, school cafeteria cook Jimmy. Of course, the murderous quartet knocks at the school gates just in time for Christmas, hatching demonic plans. But there’s more to the Blackvale girls than meets the eye. Jenn Wexler delivers a delightful holiday slasher in the grand tradition of the genre. (me)

Jenn Wexler
Wexler, Jenn is a bustling writer and director whose feature film debut was the punk-fueled horror thriller The Ranger (SLASH 2018). Her sophomore film The Sacrifice Game premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival. She has also produced many genre films, such as The ABCs of Death 2 (SLASH 2014) or Larry Fessenden’s take on the Frankenstein tale, Depraved (SLASH 2019).
Language eOV
Cast Mena Massoud, Olivia Scott Welch, Chloë Levine
Writer Sean Redlitz, Jenn Wexler
Editing Mathieu Bérubé, Arthur Tarnowski
Cinematography Alexandre Bussière


Night of the 1000 knives