Good Boy

Good Boy | Viljar Bøe | NO 2022 | 76 Min | DCP

Student Sigrid seems to have hit the jackpot with her new date. Christian is handsome, smart, funny, and an heir to millions to boot. But when she goes home with him, a bizarre surprise awaits her. Christian’s four-legged roommate is a man dressed as a dog. Viljar Bøe is a true low-budget miracle worker who not only wields massive directorial talent but also has a sixth sense when it comes to demented concepts. Good Boy works as a freaky rom-com—and equally as a sinister character study. In any case, a doggone unforgettable ride! (mk)

Viljar Bøe
Bøe, Viljar got his first camera at the age of eleven, filming zombie movies with his family. After writing and directing several shorts, he made his feature-length debut, the thriller To Freddy. The pitch black Good Boy is his second film, and he’s already working on the third, the psycho-thriller Above the Knee.
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Language OmeU
Cast Gard Løkke, Katrine Lovise Øpstad Fredriksen
Writer Viljar Bøe
Editing Viljar Bøe
Cinematography Viljar Bøe