Restore Point

Restore Point | Robert Hloz | CZ/SK/PL 2023 | 115 Min | DCP

Have you ever lost a document or your entire files because you didn’t do a backup? Then you can commiserate with this future society. In 2041, everyone has a right to a full life. People who die an unnatural death are regenerated—but only when the consciousness of the person has been saved to the cloud. As one of the founders of the responsible company and his wife are murdered, several leads pull the investigator into the heart of a megalopolis that could run circles around the dystopian visions of Blade Runner or Minority Report. A mighty debut from our Czech neighbors about the implications of an unbridled belief in progress. (tt)

Robert Hloz
Hloz, Robert is a Czech filmmaker who studied directing in Zlín and South Korea. Always trying to find daring shots and ways to combine real and CGI worlds, his atmospheric sci-fi romance Numbers (2012) premiered in Cannes and went viral. It was followed by the shorts Prechodne Vedomi and Liars. Restore Point is his feature debut.
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Language OmeU
Cast Andrea Mohylová, Matěj Hádek, Václav Neužil, Milan Ondrík, Karel Dobrý
Writer Tomislav Čečka, Robert Hloz, Zdeněk Jecelín
Editing Jarosław Kamiński
Cinematography Filip Marek