Moon Garden

Moon Garden | Ryan Stevens Harris | US 2022 | 96 Min | DCP

Gently roaming the shadow world in which five-year-old Emma finds herself is the ghost of Harry Nilsson—or Mariah Carey, depending on your musical tastes. The girl is in a coma and tries to find her way home through an obscure landscape. A few good souls help her along the way. But they turn into the targets of a monster lusting for Emma’s tears. Childhood fantasies, marital drama, and analog-technoid image worlds flow into each other. And even time does its little capers here and there, whenever it feels like it. Starring in Moon Garden is none other than director Ryan Stevens Harris’s own daughter, Haven Lee. (tt)

In attendance of Ryan Stevens Harris (director)

Ryan Stevens Harris
Harris, Ryan Stevens is a multi-talented filmmaker and artist. After studying in London and Los Angeles, he debuted as a director with the claustrophobic tech-nor Virus X (2010), shot in just ten days on a shoestring budget. He is also known as an editor and sound designer and has worked on blockbusters like Moonfall or Midway. Always on the lookout for a special touch to his works, he shot his second feature, the dark fantasy odyssey Moon Garden, on expired 35mm film stock with vintage lenses.
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Language eOV
Cast Haven Lee Harris, Augie Duke, Brionne Davis
Writer Ryan Stevens Harris
Editing Ryan Stevens Harris
Cinematography Wolfgang Meyer