Arachnophobia | Frank Marshall | US 1990 | 109 Min | 35mm

© Park Circus/Walt Disney Studios

Part of Long Night of Spiders

On an expedition to Venezuela, researchers discover a new species of venomous spiders. One particularly regal specimen bites a photographer and then travels home with him in his coffin to the quaint American town of Canaima. After it mates with a domestic spider, their deadly brood swarms out and claims its first casualties. Frank Marshall’s directorial debut, Arachnophobia is an essential creature feature and a perfect blend of yuck and wit. Chiefly responsible for the latter is John Goodman as the robust exterminator, while Julian Sands, who passed away this year, shines as an arachnologist. (mk)

Frank Marshall
Marshall, Frank is one of the most prolific producers of the past decades. Starting out under the wings of directors like Peter Bogdanovich or Martin Scorsese, his first executive producing credit was Walter Hill’s cult classic The Warriors. In 1981 he, together with his future wife Kathleen Kennedy and Steven Spielberg, co-founded Amblin Entertainment. Producing some of the biggest franchises of our time, such as Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and the Bourne series, the five-time Academy Award nominee’s most successful phase as a director was the 1990s, when he made movies like his directorial debut Arachnophobia, Alive (1993), and Congo (1995).
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Language OmnlU
Cast Jeff Daniels, Harley Jane Kozak, Julian Sands, John Goodman
Writer Don Jakoby, Wesley Strick
Editing Michael Kahn
Cinematography Mikael Salomon


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